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Shp2pgsql ubuntu

10 Nov I was also following the OP's installation method of PostgreSQL and PostGIS, namely. sudo apt-get install postgresqlpostgis pgadmin3 postgresql- contrib I enabled the PostGIS extension in a database but didn't get shp2pgsql to work until I did. sudo apt-get install postgis. as listed toward the bottom of the page. DESCRIPTION. The shp2pgsql data loader converts ESRI Shape files into SQL suitable for insertion into a PostGIS/PostgreSQL database. Version: (/ 10/06). This manual page documents briefly the shp2pgsql-gui command. shp2pgsql-gui is a program that converts ESRI Shape files into SQL statements and imports these statements to a PostGIS/PostgreSQL database. The GUI allows the user to set the shape file to import, the PostGIS/PostgreSQL connection parameters and .

SWIG required to install Python bindings sudo apt-get install swig swig # It's necessary to compile from source for cd /usr/local/ && sudo mkdir geos Put the loader `shp2pgsql` on your path; likely not done when building from source cd /usr/local/postgis/postgis/loader make sudo make install sudo ln - s. PostGIS includes the shp2pgsql tool for converting a single or multiple shapefiles into database tables. Note. This section uses the command line utility shp2pgsql and optionally the graphical utility pgAdmin. shp2pgsql is included with the Boundless Server PostGIS package. pgAdmin is provided as part of Boundless. 25 Jul I'm pretty sure you need PostGIS installed - its part of that package. You can install it from that site, or its likely that Debian's package manager even has it. Where it ends up depends on package builder. Actually finding it, if its not in your PATH after you install PostGIS, is probably easiest done through locate.

createdb -U postgres -T postgis20 shape. Enter the following command and press enter to load the ShapeFile into 'shape' database: Linux: shp2pgsql -I ${TRAINING_ROOT}/data/user_data/ _roads | psql -d shape. Windows: shp2pgsql -I "%TRAINING_ROOT%\data\user_data\ ". Cheatsheets and Quick Guides for Opensource GIS Tools. The problem was all about the unneeded symbolic link. sudo ln -sf /usr/share/ postgresql-common/pg_wrapper /usr/local/bin/pgsql2shp. I fixed the issue finally by just removing the symbolic links. sudo rm /usr/local/bin/shp2pgsql sudo rm /usr /local/bin/pgsql2shp sudo rm /usr/local/bin/raster2pgsql. Then removed postgis


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