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Unraveled is a American documentary film about lawyer Marc Dreier, who was arrested for orchestrating a fraud scheme that netted million dollars from hedge funds and clients. Set during his house arrest, the film recounts Drier's struggle to prepare for the possibility of life imprisonment with first-person flashbacks. Documentary · A documentary on Marc Dreier, the once-prominent Manhattan attorney who was arrested for orchestrating a massive fraud scheme that netted over million dollars from hedge Unraveled (TV Series ) . I watched Unraveled at the Los Angeles Film Festival and thought it was a great doc. 13 Apr Instead, the film gives him far too much leeway. Drier is his own narrator, and seemingly dictates the flow of the film. Good documentaries take a more objective look, and force the subject out of their comfort zone. In Unraveled, that comfort zone is never pushed. Dreier seems remourceful yet prone to.

20 Jun One of the most incisive to add to the list is Marc H. Simon's Unraveled, which was showcased at the Los Angeles Film Festival. This is a less comprehensive work than Inside Job, concentrating on one white collar criminal -- attorney Marc Dreier, who embezzled more than $ million from hedge funds. Cinematically the film was done beautifully. Marc Dreier is so repulsive there is no room for sympathy. His acts of contrition are always followed by qualifiers. Dreier is never going to understand. For example, telling his son he'd handle a landlord problem for his son's rental space in "The Ha READ MORE mptons," or . 12 Apr Unraveled has the thrust of a great American noir or black comedy. It concerns a man so obsessed with wealth and status that he ironically finds himself trapped in a lush high rise eating food.

Read the long version of the synopsis of Unraveled, The Film along with the director's statement. Unraveled on DVD December 11, Just days before Bernard Madoff captured headlines as the largest Ponzi schemer in U.S. history, Marc Dreier, a prominent Manhattan attorney.


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