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A member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and therefore (usually) a recovering alcoholic. Derived from the name of Bill Wilson (Bill W.), one of the founding members of AA. 20 Oct Someone who is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous AA and abstaines from the consumption of primarily alcohol and to some to abstain from any mind of mood altering substance including alcohol. Origin: Bill W. the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, in social settings this phrase was used to explain why. If someone sees you wandering around the church peeking into doors, she may ask you if you're a friend of Bill's. But she's not asking about the guy you carpool with, she's talking about Bill W., the founder of AA. By asking you if you're a friend of Bill's, she's inquiring if you're looking for the AA meeting, but without outing.

English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. An allusion to William Griffith Wilson (–), one of the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous. Noun[edit]. friend of Bill W. (plural friends of Bill W.) (idiomatic, euphemistic) A recovering alcoholic, especially one who is a member of the organization Alcoholics Anonymous. quotations ▽. Park Avenue Recovery House, Lebanon, TN A Friend of Bill's, LLC has the capacity to house 58 resident clients. We have one recovery home in Hendersonville, Tennessee, two recovery homes in Lebanon, Tennessee, one house in Murfreesboro, TN, and our newest home in Henderson, Ky. All of our homes are located in. A Friend of Bill's, LLC has been operating recovery homes for men since There are currently three Tennessee homes in Hendersonville, Lebanon and Murfreesboro, TN and one Kentucky home in Henderson, KY. We have a Women's recovery house in Lebanon, TN. The main offices are also located in Lebanon, TN.

8 Feb Hi, I have some problems in understanding a punchline. This is the context. 3 people are drinking, but one of them is an ex-addicted and should not drink, so when the waiter is about pouring him some wine, another says: "No. None for him , he's a friend of Bill's." I figured out that Bill's could mean. 7 Aug A notice of a meeting of the Friends of Bill W. on your cruise ship daily schedule indicates an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. William Wilson founded AA as a society of members dedicated to helping each other achieve and maintain sobriety. Organizations tend to create and use their own code phrases. Not in a nefarious way, but just as a matter of course. So you have the, “Occam's razor” of the scientist, the “quod erat demonstratum” saying for lawyers and, for those in Alcoholics Anonymous, the “friend of Bill.” Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith founded AA. Holding.


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