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A man who craves a certain substance, usually a drug. Various types of fiends exist, such as the tweaker, the crackfiend, the pothead, the cokehead, etc. Old English feond "enemy, foe," originally present participle of feogan "to hate," from Proto-Germanic *fijæjan (cf. Old Frisian fiand "enemy," Old Saxon fiond, Middle Dutch viant, Dutch vijand "enemy," Old Norse fjandi, Old High German fiant, Gothic fijands), from PIE root *pe(i)- "to blame, revile" (cf. Gothic faian "to blame;". fiend meaning, definition, what is fiend: an evil and cruel person. Learn more.

From Middle English feend, fēnd, fiend, feond, viend, veond (“enemy; demon”), from Old English fēond (“enemy”), from Proto-Germanic *fijandz. Cognate with Old Norse fjándi (Icelandic fjandi, Danish fjende, Swedish fiende, Norwegian fiende, West Frisian fijân, Low German Feend, Fiend, Dutch vijand, German Feind. Define fiend: devil; demon; a person of great wickedness or maliciousness — fiend in a sentence. Definition of fiend - an evil spirit or demon., an enthusiast or devotee of a particular thing.

Fiend may refer to: An evil spirit or demon in mythology; A person addicted to either a pernicious act, a cause, a hobby or sport. Fiend (Dungeons & Dragons), a collective term for malicious creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game; Fiends (album), by Christian hardcore band Chasing Victory; Fiend ( rapper). Synonyms for fiend at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. A fiend is a person or monster who has evil plans in their mind. They may try to steal your soul, or perhaps just want to hurt your feelings. Either way, fiends never mean you well.


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