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Jim morrison top 10 songs

One of the most underrated songs ever and it's amazing song that should be in the first top 10 list long live rock'n'roll and hail to jim morrison!+ The first song of the first album. For me Forever the best, as reminds me of the moment when I have heard them for the first time in my life+ Great song! The doors are the best. 6 Apr Like so many other classic bands from the '60s, the Doors truly were a sum of their parts. But more than any of their contemporaries, they came dangerously close to being overshadowed by the magnetic presence of Jim Morrison, one of rock's original swaggering rock gods. He got most of the attention. 16 Jan The Doors' final album with Jim Morrison is one of their best, a back-to-basics blues record that swerves close to art-rock at times. But not every track works ( see No. 6 on our list of the 10 Worst Doors Songs for another example). The plodding 'Cars Hiss by My Window' takes a rudimentary blues foundation.

14 Mar Finally, they were blessed — and cursed — by having one of the most charismatic lead singers in rock, Jim Morrison. In his prime, the self-proclaimed Lizard King showed off his handsome face and lean physique in a famous series of shots where he posed bare-chested or by wrapping himself in skin-tight. 17 Jun The Doors remain one of the most influential band of the 60s, with charismatic frontman Jim Morrison and songs that swirl with poetry, sex and death. 8 Dec Among Morrison's legacy is a catalog of psychedelic rock/blues music, books of poetry, a notorious photo/college dorm room poster, and ties to the mysterious “ 27 Club.” As a tribute, revisit 10 classic songs below -- some established as bona fide classic rock staples, others deep cuts. 1. “Roadhouse Blues”.

The Doors new songs, albums, biography, chart history, photos, videos, news, and more on Billboard, the go-to source for what's hot in music. Top 10 Doors Songs. Author: Kevo Musically, this song is beautifully constructed to evoke an ethereal, other-worldy tapestry for Morrison to paint is poetry over. With its dreamy keyboard, funky guitars and Morrison's delicate, haunting vocals, this is another classic about Jim's favorite topics: death and the afterlife.


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