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27 Nov hi, can anyone tell me how to use the ? I am trying to add an account and no matter what i do i always get the same error: You have 0 active call >>> + a Your SIP URL: (empty to cancel): sip at URL of the registrar: (empty to cancel). 4 Oct pjsua is an open source command line SIP user agent (softphone) that is used as the reference implementation for PJSIP, PJNATH, and PJMEDIA. Despite its simple command line appearance, it does pack many features! SIP features: Mutiple lines/identities (account registrations). Multiple calls. Using To run all the tests: $ python [OPTIONS] To run individual test: $ python [OPTIONS] MODULE CONFIG Where options: e EXE use EXE as pjsua executable -n use null audio -r TEST (for only) resume test at TEST For each individual tests, the is the main entry for the test. It imports.

This is essentially a multi-project solution. In "Solution Explorer", right-click "pjsua " and "Set as StartUp Project". Press F7 to build the project. Compiled applications will be placed under pjsip-apps\bin. pjsua-iWinvcDebug. exe; ; sample-debug-iWinvc 27 Feb PJSUA is a command line SIP user agent (UA) written with PJSIP Open source SIP stack. While it is used mainly as the reference implementation of PJSIP, it is quite useful for testing or troubleshooting SIP installations, because it prints out al . update openssl f - update pjsip x [MicroSIPexe | portable] ( downloads), [MicroSIP-Liteexe | portable] ( downloads) - shortcuts feature (configurable buttons) [MicroSIPexe | portable] ( downloads), [MicroSIP-Liteexe | portable] ( downloads).

Download Jul 30, This article is now outdated and not maintained. For the latest, please see Getting Started with PJSIP. This article describes how to download, customize, build, and use the open source PJSIP and PJMEDIA SIP and media stack. The online (and HTML) version of this file can be downloaded from. pjsua as registration fuzzer. Pjsua as registration fuzzer. Pjsua version intended to work as SIP fuzzer for registration. Modified from pjproject Built with VS with Platform Toolset set for Release account in account status in pjsua. Downloads: Initial release: pjsua-reg-fuzzer-exe.7z, source: pjproject-reg- fuzzer.7z. HAS_SND_DEV = 0 elif o in ("-e", "--exe"): G_EXE = a else: print "Unknown options" (2) if len(args)!= 2: print "Invalid arguments" print usage ( 2) # Set global ARGS to be used by modules = args # Get the pjsua executable name if G_EXE == "": if ("win32")!= EXE_DIR = "../.


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