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About Lunar Sway. Lunar Sway is one of three qualities which uniquely determine your True sign, along with your Sign Class and Aspect. Your Lunar Sway indicates whether you are a Prospit Dreamer or a Derse Dreamer. Either one says something about your perspective on life, and the world around you. To find out your. The Prospit dreamers of the pre-scratch session are John Egbert and Jade Harley. Jade begins the story awake, while John is asleep. Jade has been exploring Prospit for many years and has talked to the White Queen at some point. Viewing Skaian clouds from her dream room is how she gained a reputation among her. Because they generally take things as they come, Prospit Dreamers are less rebellious than they are adaptable-instead of struggling against authority, they will find a way to coexist with it. Possibly because they are so instinctual and flexible, they like having a defined set of rules-a safety net for their passionate lives.

Prospit & Derse by Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri, released 22 August 1. Hallowed Halls 2. The Golden Towers 3. Prospit Dreamers 4. Center of Brilliance 5. Darkened Streets 6. The Obsidian Towers 7. Derse Dreamers 8. Core of Darkness The twins of Skaia, locked in combat's hold One a shadow of fate, one a heart of. 22 Aug Prospit Dreamers by Homestuck, released 22 August You could also look to the passive/active nature of the classes in making some retroactive sense of the Derse/Prospit dreamer duality. Passive/active classes are also a pretty vague thing, and don't resolve so easily into simple dualities like defensive/offensive and such. Those are the guidelines for.

Read Derse Dreamers/ Prospit Dreamers from the story Homestuck headcanons by heartbrokendevils (Moved @RebelAngst) with reads. trolls, homestuck, fanfic. 15 Feb Stream Prospit Dreamers by solenodon from desktop or your mobile device.


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