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Ps4 automatic not working

14 Sep Sometimes it works for me but more often than not it doesn't. I think my PS4 disconnects itself from the internet after a while and that is why because as soon as I "wake" it up the update pops in and begins. I don't really know, nor, is it that big of a deal. I keep meaning to check but haven't gotten around to it. System updates never dowload automatically for me. Neither do application updates/patches. I have PS Plus, my settings have internet connected in. Until version 3 of the PS4 software, the system respected my settings which told it not to auto download anything at all. Now, it has decided to try ignoring my settings (I I have the same problem, every game starts to update even when I have auto update disabled. 0. MiniMouseUsa. 11/28/ - pm. Same here It.

I was wondering if someone could explain why the Playstation store's auto download never works correctly for me. I've pre ordered 3 games on PSN for conveniences sake in the last year, and each one of those times the auto download option I selected for pre load did not work correctly. It was kind of a bummer coming. Last night i was watching Netflix on my PS4 while going to sleep so i set my new PS4 i just got to automatically turn off after 2 hours. When i woke up it was in rest mode NOT OFF. I am just curious if anyone knows why this is, if its a problem with the PS4 or maybe some sort of settings isn't correct. I googled for answers but. 23 Jan Am I confused on how the feature is supposed to work? I keep my PS4 in standby , it's supposed to download updates and patches in the background so that it's.

Auto Save not working is really starting to deter me from playing. It says that it auto saves and I'm guessing it's supposed to be each night but it doesn't.


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