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19 Oct The scott/tiger demo is not automatically installed as was the case with earlier Oracle versions. To install the SCOTT schema into your database, run one of the following scripts from a DBA account: SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/ SQL> @? /sqlplus/demo/ SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/ Rem limitations under the License. Rem. Rem NAME. REM Rem. Rem DESCRIPTION. Rem SCOTT is a database user whose schema is used for Oracle code demonstrations. SET TERMOUT OFF. SET ECHO OFF. rem CONGDON Invoked in RDBMS at build time. DEC rem OATES: Created : Feb creates some test-tables and data -- DROP TABLE EMPLOYEE; -- DROP TABLE DEPARTMENT; -- DROP TABLE SALARYGRADE; -- DROP TABLE BONUS; -- DROP TABLE PROJECT; -- DROP TABLE PROJECT_PARTICIPATION; -- DROP TABLE ROLE; CREATE TABLE EMPLOYEE(empno INTEGER NOT NULL.

When you install Oracle Database with the Oracle Universal Installer, the sample schemas are installed by default if you select the Basic Installation option. Selecting the sample schemas option installs all sample schemas (HR, OE, PM , SH, IX) in the database. If you choose not to install the sample schemas at that time. For many years, Oracle used the simple database schema SCOTT, with its two prominent tables EMP and DEPT, for various examples in documentation and training. These tables are inadequate to show the basic features of Oracle Database and other Oracle products. The sample database schemas described here. 28 Oct The old familiars EMP and DEPT - tables used for demos and examples in earlier versions of Oracle - live in the SCOTT schema, the default Oracle schema in those days.

9 Jun Did you know that Oracle's "Scott" schema is slated for the bone yard? How many thousands of people have learned SQL, SQL*Plus, and PL/SQL on the back of poor old Scott? I would venture to say that the current generation of Oracle DBAs and developers are all familiar with the Scott schema and the. 18 Apr In fact I too came here to build a sample DB for scott schema in Oracle_v11g. I couldn't find DBCA as told above, but on further search, I found a file called scott. sql. It had lines to create the needed DB. So I connected to Oracle as system and ran it - all the tables were created. Now I couldn't connect using. 9 Jan To see whether the SCOTT schema is installed in your database, you can log in as the SYSDBA and issue this query: SELECT * FROM DBA_USERS WHERE USERNAME = 'SCOTT'. If no results return, you need to install the schema. Oracle provides a SCOTT installation script, typically found under.


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