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6 Apr I'm still confused by what functionality oqueue used to provide (aside from the information for screening candidates for the group creator deliberately being less robust) that oqueue used to fill? Of course oqueue used to have a ranking system and I'd definitely like WoW to consider that (with limits of course). Check your gear at a glance. With one look you can see which piece you've forgotten to enchant or gem up. You can do the same with any friendly target.. just control-click and you'll see their gems, e. oQueue. oQueue was wow's first mesh network for x-realm group finding. Since , it's been updated to work with. 6 Feb Description. oQueue was wow's first mesh network for x-realm group finding. Since , it's been updated to work with blizzard group-finder backend. Using oQueue, you can find groups for: regular battlegrounds; rated battlegrounds; arenas; scenarios; dungeons; raids; challenge modes. oQueue also.

Back from MOP can't seem to get oqueue to work. Does it no longer work on WoD or is it just me? Tried reloading, restarting, reinstalling. Hey everyone, Was thinking about this tonight - do you believe that we will see oQueue (or something similar) built for classic WoW? Since these Addons rely heavily on the API, which i expect to be there due to them integrating the client with it. I, myself, don't really want to see it; however, if it is. News · Inside the Mythic Dungeon Invitational. Resources. New Player's Guide · Returning Player's Guide · Talents · Realm Status. News. Most Recent. Gameplay . Races · Classes. Forums. Support · Community · Website & Mobile Feedback · Oqueue · · ilvl. 91 Orc Frost Mage. ❮Black Rose❯. Nemesis. Character.

1 Jun i curently have the OQueue addon from curse and it is out dated. it is telling me to get the from Solid ice?i did and put it in my WoW/interface/addons and still no luck it does not work? any help or hints please. OQueue Premade Finder Addon. K likes. oQueue is WoW's first and only mesh network implementing a x-realm premade finder. This is where you can contact. 22 Sep Before I get into the oQueue how-to, I am just going to dedicate a moment to openraid. If you're organised enough to be able to say "Yes! I can raid on Monday at 7pm!" then or depending on your region should be your weapon of choice. This allows you to sign up for pre-arranged.


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