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Lcpdfr version 0.95 beta 1

as above, i saw many videos in youtube, that many people are using the beta, so i was wondering where can i get it??? is the callout from beta oh i see , eventually i thought that was a newer version, since many people was using it in video i saw in youtube. is the lcpdfr beta 1 have robbery or. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the new Beta has CTD now consistently when the message comes on the screen about random incidents. I'm not looking fo. Dec 28, LCPDFR is a massive gameplay modification for Grand Theft Auto IV that turns the entire game upside down, letting you play as a cop. Please note: LCPDFR is unsupported on the latest GTA IV patch (Patch 8). You'll have to downgrade back to Patch 7 () in order to use LCPDFR.

A new version of the mod has appeared in our world - LCPD First Response RC2-R2 As always, bugs and bugs were fixed, and most importantly added more features than in previous versions of this mod. download and install for free And here is the new Beta version of the long-awaited LCPDFR beta 1 mod!. Newest version release is vertion 7 - some controls may differ in new versions. LCPD: FR CONTROLS Hotkeys apply specifically to LCPD:FR BETA. The following commands can be applied anywhere, Numpad 1 - Makes the character say a random fight speech. Numpad 4 - Makes the character say a random.


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