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Minecraft pe rename items mod

I found a way to rename items in MCPE. First open iFile, go to MCPE directory and search for Open it and find item you want to rename. So if I. 5 Oct HERRRROOOO everybody Today i will be showing you how to rename ANY Minecraft item to a custom name. E.g. Diamond Sword Rename to Badass Sword As shown in thumbnail You'll need 1 program NBTedit NBTedit Click Me Now.. lets get started Puts shades on FIRST your gonna wanna open up a. First put the item you want to rename in the first slot then click on the name and begin typing if it is enchanted (to remove the original name of.

up vote 0 down vote. If you don't want MCEdit and just want to edit them (Even in anvils) use Text Formatting. It's a mod that allows you to paste the "§" Section Symbol (And other symbols you can't use in Minecraft). Here's a link for the mod: · share|improve this answer. You didn't close the quotation marks. You wrote "help! instead of "help!". Apart from that, NBT isn't available on MCPE, so it won't work anyway. But in Java edition, the syntax would be correct with the closed quotation mark.


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