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Service 4wd Issue

Apr 1, Service 4WD Message May be Displayed on GMC Sierra The 4WD transfer case encoder motor position sensor or the selector switch may fail causing the service 4WD message to be displayed. GMC Sierra Vehicles With This Problem. Just purchased a GMC Sierra with push button 4wd, and i started it up yesterday morning and the 'service 4wd' message appeared on the info center. When this happened at first, all of the lights on the 4wd switch cluster turned off. Last night service 4wd came on again. I haven't seen any recent posts for the Service 4WD issue and the fact that hundreds of people have had the same problem as me. I have a Sierra Z71 and have had problems with the 4WD for some time now. My truck would go into 4WD on its own and then wouldn't go into 4WD when I wanted it to.

I'm having the same problem in the Sierra Z71 package. If traction control is turned off the 4x4 seems to work even tho the Service 4WD message is showing. For such a common problem there should be specific answers, or this is just a piece of crap engineering. 1 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. Kyle, I assume you mean the transmission fluid could be low? Have you had any issues with the cruise control? I just bought this truck and cruise does not work. Any suggestions? Dave. 1 of 1 people found this helpful. Mark helpful. Report . Terrence answered 6 years ago. i had an issue with my 03 and it was a bad. I had a "SERV 4WD" message and an "ESC OFF" light on with no 4 wheel drive ( only rear wheel drive) on my Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo. Typically it only came on when the weather was cold with snow the time I needed my 4 wheel drive to work the most. I troubleshot my issue to a bad transfer case actuator or.

Jan 13, Went to Millington Chev. today and had them look at my service 4WD issue. Turns out it was a software issue. The total cost- $ ($74 labor + $ environmental fee+ tax). Ticket reads " Customer states service 4WD warning lamp (DIC) is on and unable to select into various settings. Checked and . When the Service 4WD indicator lights up it's telling us there's a problem related to the Transfer Case Shift Control Module, the appropriate Diagnostic Trouble Code has been stored in the control module's memory, and it's gonna shutdown 4x4 operation to prevent additional damage. When the failure is intermittent, it's like. August 14, Although 4WD gives a vehicle more maneuverability and power on dirt roads, the system's additional components can cause serious mechanical issues. If you plan to buy a 4WD vehicle in Toledo OH, you must understand the most common 4WD problems that can affect the entire system. Four Wheels.


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